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We specialize in assisting homeowners with selling their homes from all different ranges; whether it is a probate, possible foreclosure, or just looking to list their home on the market. See what we have to offer in helping you through the process.

Mentorship Opportunities


Real estate can be a very difficult field to get into as a career. If you have an interest, click below to learn more on what mentorship opportunities Penny Investments may have to help you to be successful.

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Penny Investments is a real estate investment firm that specializes in condo conversions, new construction, and rezoning of properties throughout Massachusetts. Click below to learn more.


"For years Andrew has been a guiding force in my real estate investing journey. What started off as a now seemingly small goal of trying to acquire rental properties to create some passive income, has turned into a full fledged career in real estate. With Andrew's help, over the last three years I've been able to leave my full time W2 job by acquiring six rental properties, flipping numerous buildings, wholesaling more, raising millions in debt to help finance deals, and expanding upon my goals ten fold. I can truly say I wouldn't be the successful entrepreneur and real estate investor I am today without him."


- Ian Martin of Baseline Development

"Andrew exemplifies what it means to be a mentor. He acknowledges that he had help early in his journey and strives to pass that on to many other aspiring entrepreneurs. Andrew gave me the building blocks necessary to begin a career in real estate development in the Boston market. As a result of the time spent with Andrew, I have been able to grow a successful business."

- Adam Jaspon of Centerline Builds

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